ZinFurbished Sony AV-8650 1/2″ EIAJ Color Deck now available!


Sony AV-8650 Color 1/2" EIAJ reel to reel deck

ZinFurbished Sony AV-8650 Color 1/2″ EIAJ reel to reel deck

This Sony AV-8650 has just been ZinFurbished and a number of ZinMods added to make it easier for you to recover content from sometimes difficult 1/2″ EIAJ tapes.

The scanner and heads are “like new” with very little visible wear.  ZinFurbisher Ken Zin calls this a “Cream-puff Cadillac” that “you’d be unlikely to find anytime soon.”

It covers all EIAJ variations: Monochrome and Color, Standard and High Density Tapes.

The deck has been completely gone through, and has a number of ZinMods to improve connectivity, productivity and life! It’s an archive-quality machine.

The Transport is in excellent condition and ready to transfer many tapes!

Click here for a PDF with all the details on this freshly ZinFurbished machine. 

 Other Sony AV-series decks are in stock and ready to go.  

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