Workflow Tools

We’ve got workflow tools for

Digital Asset Management

including CatDV 11

CatDV-Metadata Field List-Tape Archive Pointer

CatDV-Metadata Field List-Tape Archive Pointer showing data for a 2336 x 1752 Super8 film to file transfer of the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion from 1986 after transfer on an MWA Nova Choice 2K Plus™ film scanner. Film shot by and courtesy of Jeffrey Ault.













 Fast file transfer around the Workplace…


Xtarget is the only software built for OS X that enables you to inexpensively transform your Mac into an iSCSI SAN storage server.
With Xtarget, a Mac Mini, and a few pounds of hardware, you can have a multi-user SAN that travels with you to the field, hotel, and other on-location work. You can even present your Xtarget disks to the cloud for remote users.

with active Storage at either end



for small scale applications like this Desktop 24TB RAID from

ProAvio Logo



to shared storage supporting several flavors of connectivity…



  from ProAvio Logo and other trusted companies…

and where there’s Big Data, racks of  controllers and RAIDS like these…

Quantum pro4k-product



from companies like

QTM_StorNext_black Logo

coupled to long-term archiving from multiple vendors, ranging from

XenData-SXL-10-w-2 Drives

simple systems like this XenData LTO6 package

with one or two LTO drives and CatDV connectivity at special Sizzlin’ Summer Pricing


…on up to scalable systems from several companies that can grow to Petabytes and Petabytes of long-term but accessible off-line safety

 Quantum-Scalar LTOfor lots of HD, 2K, 4K and coming 8K files, along with audio, still images, software project files and a variety of documents needed by archives, libraries and commercial users.





We can supply highly regarded Quality Control technology including the Archimedia Atlas professional media player so that files can be checked at each step along the way.

Atlas from all kinds of sources to all kinds of displays - white background 969x718











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Share and  distribute that file-based information and entertainment and your live presentations with streaming media technology from a variety of vendors:

Streaming Media Vendors

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