Vario Series 5 now offers 8-35mm, 5.1K Plus™,2.5K Plus™ HDR, 2.3K Plus™ on new transport

Cutout_Vario_4Vario = More!
More Variations
to fit your situations
More Sensors,
More Film Gauges,
More Codecs and File types
More Beneficial Features




Rollers handle  8mm/S8, 9.5, 16, 17.5, 22, 28 AND 35mm!  

Just thread the film! It drops into the center of the roller, ready to go.

Select gates and sound options for the gauges you need now. Add others later.

Sensor choices let you pick appropriate resolution!

MWA 5120 X 3840 sensor

MWA 5120 X 3840 sensor

5K Plus™: 5120 X 3840

2.5K Plus™ HDR: 2560 x 2160 16-bit High Dynamic Range 

2K Plus™: 2336 x 1752

HD: 1920 x 1080 HD-SDI (with embedded audio)

MWA “Plus™” 4 x 3 aspect ratio sensors match legacy film

FULL Sensor used on ALL models for maximum resolution

Canon lenses for high quality images on screen

flashsuite2 Image Processing: High performance, easy to use

Now delivering 5.1K Plus™ 4096 x 3072 or 2.5K Plus™HDR 2560 x 2160 High Dynamic Range, and 2K Plus™ 2336 x 1752 sensors.

16mm and/or 35mm—Single or dual gauge

No sprocket teeth or claws—Continuous motion

Gentle film handling—MWA’s pioneered and patented Laser technology with large rollers for old film

Upgradeable from one sensor to another.

For example from HD, to 2.3K Plus™2.5K Plus™ HDR or 4K Plus™ (4K Plus™ in late development)

Also available as VarioHD with 1920 x 1080 3-CCD Sensor

Productive Benefits! 

 Timeline-based color correction and settings changes with frame-accurate in-points.

  • Fast and Easy to use.
  • Happens in real time
  • Settings can be saved as a file for re-use or restored when resuming a session
  • Colorist Approved at NAB 2013

More Codecs for greater choices:

  • DPX and TIFF at 2.3K Plus™2.5K Plus™ HDR or 5K Plus™
  • HD Uncompressed YUV & HD MJPEG AVI
  • ProRes 422HQ HD, AVID DNx HD
  • NEW Lossless Reversible JPEG 2000 
  • DCP Package Creation, QC Software

High Performance Workstation

  • Complete, with 64-bit AgiScan 3 software
  • RAID 5 storage, up to 14TB
  • USB3, 10GigE and Fiberchannel options

New Series4 Transport features:

  • New Simplified film path
  • New, Simplified Laser—Auto gauge change
  • New Splice Detection w/Frameline Stabilizer OK-35-OpticalSnd-Head-Knockout-DSC03983-300x273
  • New, Improved Capstan
  • New Audio Head Design, Film Path
  • Adjustable Optical Sound Head Focus and Position for better quality, frequency response
  • Sound Head Bypass without removing head
  • Simpler to Service
  • Solid, Stainless Steel Deckplates for Stability, Easy-Care. Won’t Chip or Wear Like Paint. 
  • Strong Extruded Aluminum Frame 

Laser-Based Perf and Shrinkage Detection—Solves Problems:

  • MWA’s Pioneered, Patented and Proven Laser-based perf Vario4-Laser-1000x722at300-DSC03964detection enables Vario users to transfer shrunken film, up to 4% or more with the use of the Laser Shrinkage Detector.
  • Sprocket hole damage won’t stop your transfer
  • Syncing shrunken sound elements is easier!

Adjustable Tension, Play Speeds:

  • Adjustable tension in normal speed and wind
  • Play speeds from 1fps to 25fps for safety with brittle film or normal speeds for productivity

More Productivity Features & Benefits:

  • 4:3 Sensor aspect ratio, matching the picture aspects of the gauges supported. No crop in post needed.
  • Live HD-SDI  Output for grading, monitoring and recording*
  • LIVE Real-Time sound with EQ—Know what you’re getting during the transfer
  • Files are ready to use when transfer is finished 
  • AVID Artist Color control surface for ease of color grading, transport control, higher productivity

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