SAGE Alerting ENDEC Receiver w/AM, FM and NOAA receiver modules for EAS decoders


Fully tested rack-mount SAGE Endec Receiver with AM broadcast, FM broadcast and NOAA Weather Radio tuners.

Designed to reliably feed mission-critical audio to Sage’s ENDEC and DIGITAL ENDEC Emergency Activation System (EAS) systems and EAS systems by other manufacturers.

With the national EAS test coming up on Sep. 28, this is a great way to ensure that the LP-1, LP2 and NOAA Weather Radio stations in your area are always feeding your EAS decoder/encoder.

Great for LPFM and LPTV stations or Public Safety offices that don’t have an engineering staff.  Connect, tune and adjust levels… and you’re ready for the Sept. 28th test and beyond!

Perfect replacement for consumer radios and police scanners used with EAS decoder/encoder systems.

After a power outage, the SAGE Endec receiver powers right up again, so you’re monitoring again without manual intervention or resetting.

The tuners are hidden behind the front panel, making accidental mis-tuning of receivers very difficult. No tuning dials or operation buttons to bump, resulting in the wrong station being tuned.

Front panel LEDs indicate that a station’s carrier is present (on the air) and the Modulation LED’s flicker with audio from the station.

Tuners are well-shielded, commercial types that can handle a “High RF” environment at station transmitter sites.

The FM tuner has a “Local-Distant” switch to prevent nearby FM stations from overloading the tuner.

Antenna connections are BNC, enabling use of external antennas placed where reception is optimized.

Audio from each tuner is monitored by a front-panel selector switch that routes audio to front panel speaker. An external speaker jack on the back mutes the internal speaker. Volume is knob-controlled from the front panel.

This unit was manufactured in 1996 and lived in an air conditioned television studio until recently. It’s clean outside and in.


We tested the system for correct Audio output, Carrier and Modulation LED activity on the front panel, and tested the back panel audio outputs, Carrier and Modulation status connections.

No Carrier or No Modulation presents a high at the related terminal: 5 volts DC. When modulation or carrier are present, the connections go Active Low to around 4 millivolts.

The 600 Ohm Output levels from each receiver have been set to peak at +4dB, and are user adjustable from 200 mV to 2.5 V peak to peak. Adjustment behind the front panel.

Tuners are currently set for the Sacramento Sierra Mid North LP-1 (KFBK, 1530, Sacramento,) Proposed LP-2 (KKCY, 103.1 Colusa) and NOAA’s Wolf Mtn. Grass Valley station on 161.400Mhz, from the Sacramento National Weather Service Office.

Easily retuned using a small flat-blade screwdriver (greenie) and checked via the internal monitor.

We’ve had it on the bench monitoring for more than 24-hours.  Working fine!


SAGE Endec Receivers like this or from other manufacturers were discontinued about ten years ago, and are hard to find on-line.

The benefits of this type of receiver for Broadcast and Public Safety EAS and other broadcast applications include:
• Designed for 24/7 critical use
• Tuning is very “intentional” so accidental “bumping” of a knob isn’t possible
• Less likelihood of being messed with, resulting in missed EAS tests or activiations. (Fine prevention!)
• Better reception and unwanted signal rejections specs than using a consumer radio for AM/FM and scanner for VHF NOAA.
• Easily replaced wall-wart DC power supply.

Manual Included!

Includes PDF of manual with schematics that will be e-mailed to the buyer.  Manual has installation, operating instructions, Includes parts lists.

AM, FM, TV, LPFM, LPTV, Public Safety, Office of Emergency Services (OES) and first-responders can improve their current EAS receiver setup with this clean, ready-to-install SAGE ENDEC RECEIVER, designed for long-life and critical “always on” operation.

Packing and Shipping:

To better ensure that your item arrives without damage, we protect front and back panels with customized packing, and may double-box for added protection.

This has a cost,—but in our experience shipping and receiving heavy to light broadcast electronics—this approach pays off.

We’ll estimate your packing and shipping prior to invoicing.

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