PTR-based benchtop film cleaner

Here’s a chemical-free, benchtop film cleaner from FXSYS


Particle Transfer Roller based film cleaning deviceA chemical-free film cleaning device based on four FXSYS Particle Transfer Rollers: Two 3″ x 35mm and two 1.5″ x 35mm PTRs.

The disc holding the PTRs can be mounted on an L-shaped support bracket that is either attached to a large block of metal, as weight for use as a moveable cleaner on a bench, or fixed in place by bolting or screwing the bracket onto the bench.


FXSYS Four-PTR base with precision 1.5" x 35mm snap-cap hubs.



The cleaning device uses FXSYS precision PTR Hubs to hold the PTR onto the disc.


 Click on this link to learn more about FXSYS PTRs and cleaning film with them.



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