MWA Film Scanners

Since the introduction of the breakthrough flashscan8 8mm/Super8 scanner in 2004, MWA has produced and installed more than 313 flashscan8, flashstransfer 16 and 35, flashscanHD, Choice and Vario scanning systems worldwide.  More are being installed each month!

 Users range from small home movie transfer houses to the world's major film archives.

You'll benefit from MWA's reputation:  Introducing new technology while adapting existing tech to film scanning at new price points.

MWA's been making gentle, reliable, easy to use continuous motion scanners since 2004

Here's the current lineup: Click on the links or images for details on specific MWA Film Scanners

Vario Series 5 8mm-35mm film film scanner

Vario Series 5 safely transports 8mm through 35mm film with a choice of 5.1K, 2.5K HDR, 2.3K and 1920 x 1080HD sensors



Vario Series 5 for 16/35 and 8/Super8/9.5/16/35:

With your choice of sensors: 5.1K, 2.5K High Dynamic Range (HDR,) 2.3K and 1920 x 1080HD/25.




Choice Series 2 80-35mm 5.1K scanner

NEW MWA Choice Series 2 scanner can handle 8-35mm film and 2.3K or 5.1K sensor.



NEW Series 2 Choice 2K Plus™ and 5.1K Plus™ for 8/Super8/9.5/16 and now 35mm

Now with 5.1K or 2.3K sensors!



MWA flashscanHD scanner

MWA flashscanHD scanner for 8/Super8 with magnetic sound



flashscanHD for 8/Super8

Now with 1920 x 1080 sensor for Full HD quality.

USB 3 camera system, high quality optics, MWA flashsuite 2 software and high performance workstation provide a system that has more productivity and less fuss-factor.

To keep your film cleaner during transfer, we recommend the use of FXSYS Diamond Etched, MicroMat™ Particle Transfer Rollers. Click on the logo or picture to get more information:

FXSYS-Logo-V1-Jan-17-2015-1900 x 1026 x 72

Green FXSYS 1.5" x 35mm Particle Transfer Roller (PTR)

FXSYS-01535-GE-PTR, a green 1.5" x 35mm Particle Transfer Roller










To get more details or to order, click on our Contact Page tell us which scanner(s) you're interested in and let us know how to reach you.

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