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Updated Saturday, August 20, 2016:

  • Used video production equipment sale: BVP-570-Studio-On Ped-IMG_4812Includes Sony studio camera setup, Vinten camera heads and TERN Pedestals, BetacamSP Camcorders, Partly Zinfurbished Ampex AVR-2 Quad Video Recorder, audio equipment and more!  Click here for details


  • Shuttle_2FREE Contour Design ShuttlePRO v2 with any order more than $9,999:  A $99 value, this accessory works with MWA scanner software, and most Non Linear Editing software like Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro versions, and color correction software. The knob speeds up and makes controlling variables more accurate, the buttons offer faster access and control. Save time (and ultimately money!)  Use ShuttlePro v2 with more than 167 different applications including “ordinary” ones you use every day! Click for Details and List
  • MWA Film Scanners:


New Pricing across all lines! Easier to own!

More Models, Flexibility

New Software improvements and new functions, including:

FREE Real-time, Two-point Image Stabilization

Real-time Auto Light/Auto Color (in Software during scanning)

 “Log” DPX with header metadata

ProRes 4444 (joining ProRes 422HQ)

Scene Detection in Timeline feature: Finds new scenes, marks In-points for easier color correction, framing, audio and other settings adjustment and frame-accurate recall during transfer. Save files/sessions!

  • Real Time 4K on Vario and Choice models:
    • Real time available with higher horsepower processing and faster storage options
  • Vario adds 8mm/Super8 capability:
    • Vario’s rollers are now cut for 8mm/Super8, 9.5, 16, 17.5, 28 and 35mm, making the former 16/35 transport ready for anything.
    • Just add gates and sound head for the desired gauges. Stir. (Or should that be “Scan!”)
  • Choice adds 35mm capability:
    • The compact transport can now be equipped with 35mm gate and sound options
    • It’s already prepped for 8mm/Super8, 9.5, 16, 17.5, 28mm gauges
    • Standard configuration is 8mm/Super8, 9.5, 16.
  • New flashscanHD 1080 model uses new 1920 x 1080 sensor for 8mm/Super8 w/sound
  • Fully optical image sizing uses full sensor on all models at all prices
  • New products:
    • Choice Tön Sound Film Transport:
    • MWA Choice Tön SEPMAG Transport
      • Sprocketed Magnetic Fullcoat playback (SEPMAG)
      • Compensates for shrinkage-induced lip-sync errors
        • Less fuss when marrying sound to picture
        • Independent transfer or synchronized to picture scanner
      • Multiple gauges
      • Multiple film sound track formats




  • LTO 7 is shipping! Major storage and speed boosts!
    • lto-ultrium-7-logo6 TB uncompressed
    • Up to 300 MB per second transfer speed
    • Check-sum verification on the fly
    • Lower costs/TB
    • Tapes, drives, systems now available
    • Get details and register for the FREE Webinar: Click here LTO-7 Webpage and learn how you can boost productivity and storage efficiency!
  • More people are finding Zin! VTR Works
    • Sony VO-9800P 3/4" Umatic PAL VCR.

      Sony VO-9800P 3/4″ Umatic PAL VCR. Plays SP, High band and Low band Umatic tapes.

      Videotape deck rentals and

    • Replacement belts.ZIN-ZinPart-Z-3-668-785-00, ONE FF/REW BELT Replaces Sony Part 3-668-785-00


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