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Call or e-mail to set an appointment to see transfers from flashscan and to get answers to your questions.

Camera Stores can generate new business,
and increase the productivity of an existing transfer business
by using flashscan.

flashscan's real-time approach to film transfer means more film transferred with less fuss... leading to more income for your business.

We help you market in-store with point of sale materials ranging from DVD's that show the difference between a flashscan transfer and other methods, through print materials for in-store handout and mailing to customers.

We'll help you generate business from people who had their film transferred years ago, when home movies were handled by projector based systems feeding one-tube or three-tube cameras, and VHS tape held the results.

Our in-store DVDs and print material templates help show customers
the BIG difference between a transfer then, and a flashscan transfer today!

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We'll help you with your on-line marketing of flashscan, as well, since your business may already serve customers at a distance.

We work with you to develop a business and marketing plan so that your investment pays off.

Please e-mail us to arrange a sample transfer.


Ted Langdell,