North American home of products from MWA-Nova, Berlin


This is

the small-gauge, high quality digital film scanner
that's taken Europe by storm!

This precisely engineered machine is simple to operate, gentle on film
and yields image quality that you used to need an expensive
flying spot scanner or line array telecine to achieve.

Like its "big iron" cousins, the flashscan is is built around a
high precision servo system with continuous film movement.
There's NO pulldown claw to damage film!

The optical system uses a high energy, multi-colour LED array for stable color and long life.

The light passes through a diffusing system that helps minimize the appearance of scratches on the base side of the film.

Passing through the film, the images are captured by a high quality 3CCD camera head with 800 TV lines of resolution and more pixels on the imaging chips than are in an NTSC or PAL standard definition image.

Starting with more resolution and pixels at the transfer means better images downstream.

flashscan's 10-bit uncompressed 4:2:2 signal processing keeps a wide range of colors available and allows black, white and gamma correction to fix faded film, compensate for contrasty scenes and pull out details in dark areas.

Color correction is easily accomplished with the flashremote, which has a trackball for ease of use, and memory registers to store and recall settings.

The flashscan can also scan negative color or negative black and white film, something lower cost units can't do.

An Audio head captures sound from any magnetic tracks on Super8 film all in one pass!  In STEREO, if it was recorded that way.

Magnetic sound on 8mm film can also be captured, although the sound is 36 frames ahead of picture. An external audio delay can be used to achieve sync in one pass, or the audio can be slipped into sync using video editing software.

ALL sound captured by flashscan is available as analog audio and
AES/EBU DIGITAL audio on dedicated connectors. 

Audio is also embedded in the 4:2:2 10-bit SD-SDI Serial Digital signal and IEEE1394 (Firewire/iLink) stream for use with DVCAM/Mini-DV/DVCPro recorders, computers and hard disk recorders.

And if double-system sound or an electronic interlock is needed to other sound or video gear, there's a a Bi-Phase output for synchronization.

Take a look at the back panel to get a clue as to
just how flexible flashscan is!

Call or e-mail for an appointment to see film transfers and get answers to questions.