Today! Workflow Solutions Tour from JB & A–Now through January!

JB&A-2016-17-WorkflowSolutionsTourHeaderOur colleagues at JB & A Distribution are on tour now through January, 2017 bringing hands-on for you and implementation expertise with a variety of solutions for creating, managing and archiving digital media.

While the focus is on freshly-created content—including streaming—there are elements of the workflow that are applicable to legacy media, such as videotape and film that’s been digitized.

See multiple workflow stations that complete a variety of Media Solutions:

  • Media Management—How to find, track, store those files
  • Big Data and Security—Keeping your assets safe
  • Live Broadcast—Streaming or Over the Air, we have the tools
  • Live Production—Tools to keep your productions competitive with the big boys so viewers stay focused on your content
  • IP Video—Distributing your content
  • Digital Signage and 4K—Create, Manage and Distribute in house and in far-flung locations
  • Indoor LED Display Walls—See how to make the type of walls seen at the political conventions (and smaller)



Our live production solution has everything you need to produce an event or show including live video switching, on air graphics, on-air Telestration, live replays, multi-channel recording as well as video formatting, routing, conversion, storage and streaming live to the internet.


With our TriCaster & Beyond solution, you can manage the entire broadcast video workflow including: multiple camera ingest, video production and replay, streaming, storage, video management, live real-time graphics, telestration, routing and distribution.


Our media management solution is an end-to-end workflow from file creation through the life cycle of the media file. This tightly integrated solution will showcase the ability to find, share and protect your media assets for the future.


With JB&A’s IP collaboration solution, you will learn the benefits of equipping your organization with robust and flexible ways to deliver your video and audio content around your organization.

This includes: sharing information inside your conference room; streaming important training or company meetings to all employees; providing breaking live news to decision makers; linking digital signage plus IPTV into a single solution; supporting 3rd party integration and emergency messaging; and the ability to capture and record video for later on-demand playback.


Powered by Quantum’s StorNext Platform: Big Data is everywhere we are. See how it can be used in your facility for media asset management, streaming, on-demand and security applications.

Come discuss with our team how to create an environment to replace aging storage or tier storage in your facility to create a road map all the way past the archive to your own personal cloud.


Our indoor LED solution offers the tools you need to deploy an effective and complete digital display installation using the latest in LED video wall technology.


Come touch and see BrightSign digital signage in 4K. Learn how to create, manage and distribute beautiful content and get your message out to your audience.

Come understand what tools you need to deploy an effective and complete digital signage platform and find new ways to send your signage content whether around world or down the hall.

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 Locations and Dates

 San Francisco Bay Area
January 17-18 2017 Till 8pm!

with JB&A’s Nick Smith, Brian Yates, and Ryan Roettele

Courtyard by Marriott San Francisco Airport 

1770 S Amphlett Blvd
San Mateo, CA 94402

We will be live streaming on our Facebook page, but would love to see you in person.

Call or email using our contact info below to set an appointment or request live streaming about a specific item.

LTO 7 is now shipping! Webinar Feb. 4, 2016

Webinar about benefits Feb 4, 2016

LTO-7 brings massive increases in capacity and speed: the capacity jumps from 2.5 TB per cartridge with LTO-6 to 6 TB for LTO-7; and the transfer speed increases from 160 MB/s to 300 MB/s.


  • Massive increase in storage capacity
    • 6TB Uncompressed/15TB Compressed
  • Twice the speed/Half the time

    • LTO-7 tape drive technology doubled the tape head channel count from 16 to 32.
    • Higher data transfer rate: 300MB per second Uncompressed/700-750MB per second Compressed
    • 50% cut of time to read or write a full tape.
  • Check-sum verification on the fly
  • Lower costs/TB

    • Street prices range from $135-$175
    • Cost per Uncompressed TB at Street prices: $22.50-$29.16
  • Future Compatibility – LTO 7 tapes will be able to be read by and written to by LTO 8 tape drives and be able to be read by LTO 9 drives.
  • Backward Compatible – LTO 7 drives can read LTO 5 tapes and Read and Write to LTO 6 Tapes
Learn More in this LTO-7 Webinar from, distributor JB&A and manufacturer XenData:
Thursday, February 4th @ 10 am PST / 1 pm EST

Click here to REGISTER NOW

To get the most out of LTO-7, XenData has made a lot of enhancements to its product range.
    ZenData SXL-8 The new SXL-8 includes an SX-250 Server and an 8 slot library with one LTO-7 drive. Pricing is really competitive – $15,880 list in the USA. It supports an unlimited amount of offline content and the 8 slot library makes for easy handling of a large number of LTO cartridges.  USB 3-0 ports make it easy to use standalone drives as archive content sources.  Built-In GigE (Ethernet) and Options for 10GigE or Fiberchannel ports expand connectivity and speed.  Click here for PDF info sheet
    XenData SXL-4200 system
  • The new SXL-4200 includes an SX-250 Server and a 45 slot library with one or two LTO-7 drives. Pricing is very competitive starting at $24,350 list in the USA. Click here for PDF info sheet


    The SX-250 Archive Server manages a robotic LTO library; creating a digital video archive that is optimized for broadcasters, video production companies, post-production and media operations. Compatible with LTO robotic libraries including LTO-7 drives that deliver high capacity, high speed and 30 years cartridge lifetimes. The SX-250 systems scale to 540 TB of near-line LTO capacity. Click here for PDF info sheet

Click on the video below for see how the archive manages three levels of storage hierarchy: online disk, near-line LTO and offline (externalized) LTO cartridges:


To get more details or to order, just click on our Contact Page and let us know how to reach you.
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