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ShuttlePRO v2 speeds up productivity!

ShuttlePRO v2 speeds up productivity!

A $99 value, this accessory works with MWA scanner software, most video and audio editing software from the “Big Three Adobe, AVID and Apple,” and a whole bunch more including “ordinary” software you use every day. 167 different apps. On Mac and Windows!  See The list below!

The Shuttle Knob speeds up and makes controlling variables more accurate.  The Programmable Buttons offer faster access and control. Save time (and ultimately money!)

The buttons and actions can be linked to a variety of keystrokes and keystroke combinations. Push a button instead of making mouse-clicks!

Here’s how it works with Video Editing Software, and can even control a professional or broadcast video recorder using your video editing software, capture card with RS-422 connections and an RS-422 cable between the capture card and recorder:


Here’s the list of Applications you can use the ShuttleProV2 with as of April 15, 2016:Shuttle_1

Ableton Live
Acoustica Mixcraft


Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition
Adobe Encore
Adobe (Macromedia) Flash MX
Adobe Flash
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Prelude
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Soundbooth
Adobe Speedgrade


Apple Address Book
Apple Aperture
Apple Color
Apple Compressor
Apple DVD Player
Apple DVD Studio Pro
Apple Final Cut Express
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple GarageBand
Apple iBooks
Apple iMovie
Apple iPhoto
Apple iTunes
Apple Keynote
Apple (Emagic) Logic
Apple Logic Pro 9
Apple Logic X
Apple Mail
Apple Mainstage
Apple Motion
Apple Numbers
Apple Pages
Apple Quicktime Player
Apple Safari
Apple Soundtrack
Apple TextEdit


AutoDesk AutoCAD 2014
AutoDesk Maya
AutoDesk SketchBook


Avid Media Composer 5-7
Avid (Digidesign) ProTools
Avid Pro Tools 11
Avid Liquid 7
Avid MC Adrenaline
Avid Studio
Avid XDV Pro
Avid Xpress
Avid Xpress Pro

bias Deck
bias Peak

Bitwig Studio

Boris FX Keyframer
Boris FX Media 100 Suite
Boris FX Media Suite Acquire
Boris Graffiti Keyframer
Boris RED Keyframer
Boris RED 5

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro
Cakewalk Home Studio 2000_XL
Cakewalk Music Creator
Cakewalk Plasma
Cakewalk Project 5
Cakewalk SonarCakewalk Sonar Platinum

Camtasia Studio
Camtasia Studio 7

Canopus DV Edius (See Grass Valley Edius listings below)
Canopus DV Rex Pro
Canopus DV Rex RT
Canopus DV Storm Cappella

Cockos Reaper
Corel VideoStudio Pro X5
Corel VideoStudio Pro

Cyberlink PowerDirector

Dartech Dart XP Pro
Dassault Systems SolidWorks

discreet 3ds Max 5
discreet 3ds Max
discreet Combustion 3 DJ-1800

Dolphin Publisher
DPS Velocity 8

Dubbing Brother’s Erytmo DxO Optics Pro

Final Draft
Flex Radio Systems PowerSDR Flip—Q

GoPro Studio

Google Chrome

GPEdit Football

Grass Valley Aurora
Grass Valley Edius Neo 3
Grass Valley Edius 6

GWindowsoach Football


Imagine Products TEPX Incite Editor E3
In-sync Blade 2
In-sync Speed Razor
iZotope RX 2

JC Video Personal Baseball JC Video Personal GolfJC Video Pro Baseball
JC Video Pro Golf Jammit

Lemkesoft GraphicConverter

Listec InstanEdit Prompter A60000WIN

Magix Samplitude
Magix Samplitude Pro X
Magix Sequoia
Magix Video

Manga Studio
Media 100
MediaStudio Pro


Microsoft 3D Pinball
Microsoft Entourage
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word

Mozilla Firefox

Musicmatch Jukebox

MWA Nova AgiScan
MWA Nova flashsuite 2

NewTek SpeedEDIT

Omni Group OmniGraffle Opera

Phase One Capture One

Pinnacle Commotion Pro 4
Pinnacle Edition
Pinnacle Studio

Sonic Foundry Sound Forge
Sonic Foundry ACID 3
Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 2 & 3
Sonic Foundry Video Capture
Sonic Foundry VideoFactory 1 & 2


Sony ACID Pro
Sony CD Architect 5
Sony Cinescore 1
Sony DVD Architect
Sony Screenblast Acid Deluxe 2
Sony Screenblast Video Capture
Sony Screenblast Video Factory 2
Sony Sound Forge Pro
Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 8
Sony VegasSony Vegas Movie Studio 6*
Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12*


Steinberg Cubase LE, AI, Elements
Steinberg Cubase
Steinberg Cubase SX
Steinberg Sequel
Steinberg Nuendo
Steinberg Wavelab

ShuttlePRO v2 speeds up productivity!

Stop Motion Pro
Subtitle Workshop

Tracktion Twisted Wave

Ulead VideoStudio

Unreal Tournament

VideoReDoVLC Media Player



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Thanks! Ted Langdell CEO

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CEO: Ted Langdell
(530) 301-2931               209 East 12th Street, Marysville, CA 95901

Used VTRs, Cameras, Camcorders, Video Equipment and Computers

flashSCAN8-dot-us-RED-LogoV3-Moving-Image-Tools-and-Technology-Outlines-2700x900Previously owned equipment sale: Going On Now!


  • Bosch-BTS-Phillips Jupiter-Saturn-Venus Chassis (one of four)
    Bosch-BTS-Phillips Jupiter-Saturn-Venus Chassis (one of four)
    Bosch-BTS-Phillips Jupiter-Saturn-Venus Chassis (one of four) controlling 96 x 96 Video, Stereo Audio, 48 x 48 SD-SDI digital, 48 x 48 time code, 48 x 48 machine control. Control panels, computers, software and manuals included
  • Bosch-BTS-Phillips Saturn-Master Control Console Working
    Bosch-BTS-Phillips Saturn-Master Control Console Working
    Bosch-BTS-Phillips Saturn-Master Control Console Working before removal. Handles multiple channels, machine control, on-air switching for audio/video
  • Bosch-BTS-Phillips Jupiter Router—Configuration screen
    Bosch-BTS-Phillips Jupiter Router—Configuration screen
    Bosch-BTS-Phillips Jupiter Router—Configuration screen: Major analog and digital audio, video, machine control and time code routing, PLUS master control!
  • Audio Rack: Completely wired, with equipment, drawer, patches
    Audio Rack: Completely wired, with equipment, drawer, patches
    Audio Rack: Completely wired, with two compressor channels, Sony effects unit, Gentner phone hybrid, Shure Intellimix, two Tascam CD Players, Patch Bays, Two Crown D-75 amps, audio distribution amps, pull out storage drawer with lid, blank panels.
  • Bittree-Audio Patch Bays
    Bittree-Audio Patch Bays
    Bittree-Audio Patch Bays
  • RM819-Rack Mount VGA Monitor
    RM819-Rack Mount VGA Monitor
    RM819-Rack Mount 19" diagonal VGA Monitor-In Place
  • Sony LDM-2010-LCD Monitor-In Place-working
    Sony LDM-2010-LCD Monitor-In Place-working
    Sony LDM-2010-LCD Monitor-In Place-working
  • Leitch Video DAs and Component Analog to Serial Synchronizer
    Leitch Video DAs and Component Analog to Serial Synchronizer
    Leitch Video DAs and Component Analog to Serial Synchronizer
  • Leitch DigiBus and Video Patch Bays
    Leitch DigiBus and Video Patch Bays
    Leitch DigiBus and Video Patch Bays
  • Sony BVP-570 Triax CCUs and RGB Patch Bay for chroma key SDI
    Sony BVP-570 Triax CCUs and RGB Patch Bay for chroma key SDI
    Sony BVP-570 Triax CCUs and RGB Patch Bay for chroma key component analog to SDI converter
  • Sony BVP-570 Operations Panels in Shading area
    Sony BVP-570 Operations Panels in Shading area
    Sony BVP-570 Operations Panels in Shading area
  • Sony BVP-570 Triax Cables (Three, same length)
    Sony BVP-570 Triax Cables (Three, same length)
  • Sony BVP-570-Closer: Prompter bracketry and counterbalance weights
    Sony BVP-570-Closer: Prompter bracketry and counterbalance weights
    Sony BVP-570-Closer: Prompter bracketry and counterbalance weights
  • Sony BVP-570 (pair) on Vinten Tern Pedestals w/Mark IIIA heads, QTV Prompters
    Sony BVP-570 (pair) on Vinten Tern Pedestals w/Mark IIIA heads, QTV Prompters
    Sony BVP-570 (pair) of Triax cameras on Vinten Tern Pedestals w/Mark IIIA heads, QTV Prompters, in studio rigging.

V2- Mon. Aug. 16, 2016, 4:30 pm PDT  More equipment is being added. We’ll post the revision date here and note where to look and mark “Added xx/yy/zz”

As time permits, we may make separate posts with pictures for what’s listed.

Studio camera setup:

A trio of Sony BVP – 570 Triax camera packages with BVP-570-Studio-On Ped-IMG_4812

  • Studio Viewfinders
  • 2 Zoom controls and mounting brackets
  • 2 Focus controls and mounting brackets
  • 3 Tripod mounting plates
  • 3 runs of Triax (guessing 150-200’ each)
  • 3 CCUs
  • 3 Remote operations panels
  •  Pair of RM-7 remotes for two of the cameras
  • The Cables for the three remote ops panels and RM-7 remotes. (Splicing needed. We will do on purchase)
  • Can probably supply a working zoom control for the third camera from stock.

Also available for this package:

  • Leitch component Analog to SDI 1RU converters were part of this package and are available. These were used to create a an SDI key signal that was sent to the key inputs on a large switcher.
  • RGB Patch Panel used to send RGB video signals from each CCU to the Leitch component Analog to SDI converters mentioned above

Two Vinten Tern pedestals and Mark IIIA heads with pan handles and trim weights that two of these BVP-570 cameras were mounted on.Pair of Vinten TERN pedestals with MARKIIIa heads

In good condition, holding nitrogen, WITH Nitrogen Bottle, Valve, regulator assembly with hose and fill connector.

Replacement bracket for pan handle available. Otherwise in good, working condition.

Two Q-TV CRT prompter packages:  CRT monitors, clean mirror boxes w/lens hoods, the necessary bracketry and counterbalance weights to mount on the pedestals. Can be used with LCD screens by making appropriate mounting brackets

Pix of pre-removal condition and current available.

There’s also a Grass Valley 100 switcher (not from this package) available to make a system.

BetacamSP Camcorders:

Nine Sony and Ampex badged Betacam SP camcorders.

Three with Portabrace cases.

Some are one-piece, others two piece.  All with lenses.

Testing, photographing and detailing this week (Aug 15-19)

Accessories listed as they are tested.

VA-500 playback adaptor.  No deck to adaptor cable, though.

Sony 12VDC 4-pin XLR Power supplies

Other equipment that came from the same television studio including:

  • NEW IN BOX Sony LDM-2010 LCD monitor!
  • Sony LDM-2010-LCD Monitor-In Place-working

    Sony LDM-2010-LCD Monitor-In Place-working

    Sony LDM-2010 LCD monitor (NTSC/PAL Analog composite, Y/C, RGB and component) 100mm VESA mounting. (rack mount bracket available)

  • Single, dual and triple B/W picture monitors in various conditions (Pix available) Panasonic, Sony.
  • Rack mount and rack-shelf mountable Color pix monitors in various conditions from works fine to not so good or not at all. (Pix available) Sony BVM and PVM, Ikegami, Sharp, in 13” to 19” sizes.  (Pix available)
  • Tek 1700 series waveform monitors
  • Tek 1700 series vectorscopes 
  • Tek 1760 audio monitors
  • Tek 528 and 528A scopes in various conditions
  • Tek 1420 vectorscopes in various conditions
  • Various single unit or rack cases for Tek scopes
  • Bittree and others audio patch panels
  • Video Patch panels, some suitable for SDI (Will have to check whether WECO or RCA jacks)
  • Leitch DigiBus Frames prior to removalTerminal gear including Video DAs from Grass Valley, Leitch, others
    Leitch Digibus
    frames and cards (Description, pix available)
  • Leitch Video DAs




  • BTS/Phillips Saturn/Jupiter/Venus routing switcher–COMPLETE, operating when disconnected in late 2015.
  • Saturn-Master Control Console-Working

    Saturn-Master Control Console-Working

    w/Master Control panel, rack mount panels for various purposes, main and backup computer, software, manuals.  





  • BTS Saturn/Venus/Jupiter Router Chassis-

    Chassis include 96 x 96 Analog Video, 96 x 96 Stereo Audio, 48 x 48 SD-SDI, 4One of four8 x 48 Time Code, 48 x 48 RS-422 machine control.  Working when removed.

  • Great for archiving facility that needs to route analog and SD-SDI video/audio from various source machines to specific digitizing cards, and control source decks from the card.

Manuals available for much of this equipment.

Miscellaneous Video:

  • 2 Sony CCU-M5 Camera Control Units.  Clean. One missing Iris control knob.
    • Testing with Sony 26-pin cable and compatible camera
  • Cobalt 4020 SDI to 4:2:2 Component Analog converter. With factory power supply. Powers up.  Testing with SDI source.
  • Miranda SDM-171P PicoLink SDI to Component Analog/RGB converter. With power supply, breakout cable and instruction book, in original box. NTSC and PAL. SMPTE 259M-C in gets RGB or Y, R-Y, B-Y. Setup or no setup on RGB.  Powers up. Testing with SDI source. 
Audio Rack-Upper Portion-Shows 1 CD Player

Audio Rack-Upper Portion-Shows Symetrix, Sony, Gentner, Intellimix, and 1 Tascam CD Player

Complete Audio Rack containing:

  • Symetrix 522 Compresser/Expander/Limiter/Ducker (two channels in 1 RU unit)
  • Sony DPS-V77 Multi-Effect Processor (with custom clear panel on standoffs from rack front to block access and keep fingers from messing with unit)
  • Gentner SPH-4 hybrid phone patch
  • Shure FP410 Intellemix 4-input mixer
  • 2 Tascam CD-401 MK II CD Players with “auto cue.” Cues to track start and pauses.
  • 2 RU sliding drawer with lid
  • TT size single plug TRS patch cables (haven’t counted) to use with:
  • 3 Bittree patch bays (48 jacks x 2 rows)
  • 2 Crown D-75 Stereo audio amplifiers
  • 1 Radio Design Labs (RDL) RU-DA4D stereo audio DA in three-across 1 RU assembly. (Stereo x 4 or Mono x 8 outs)
  • ATI Encore series Multi Amplifier Array (1RU)

Misc Audio:

  • Shure M67 four-input mixer (Classic!) with 1KHz tone, XLR mike/Banana jack Line level outputs.  Tested.
    • Pots checked and cleaned. User-modded with internal board to H-pad two inputs from Mike to Line level. Easily restored to original condition, or switches added to allow switchable mike/line operation. Appears to have been used in edit bay to mix  a mike, two VTR line level outs and router audio into one channel. AC or battery power.
  • Rack Mount for Shure M-67 mixer. Dark gray face. Immaculate.
  • 2 Radio Design Labs (RDL) STA-1 Stick On Universal Line Amps. Two channels, individual level controls. Balanced or unbalanced ins or outs. High or low impedance. Screw terminals.  Needs wall-wart for power, not supplied. ROHS compliant.
  • Radio Design Labs RU-SX4A mono 4 x 1 audio switcher with individual level control on each input. Balanced or unbalanced ins, high impedance bridging.
  • Video Accessory Corporation (VAC) 2 x 1 Stereo Audio Switcher, with wall wart power supply.  Testing.  Simple switch closure switches audio from MAIN to ALT audio.  Used in an edit bay to switch an input from a video deck’s audio outputs to a router feed.  For Radio, could be used with a silence sensor closure to select an “At the Transmitter” audio playback device.
  • Comrex TCB-2 Auto-Answer Phone Line Coupler with AC power supply. Often used for dial-into TV station IFB lines, radio station listen lines. (Can start a cart machine on answer 🙂 It’s a protective device which provides a clean, transparent transformer connection from a telephone line to external audio equipment. The TCB-2 is FCC registered.  Works with direct-to-central office POTS lines. Requires a momentary open or reversal from the Central Office to disconnect. Most, but not all, Central Offices provide this signal. PDF manual included via e-mail.
  • Gentner Digital Hybrid I phone patch.  Digital Signal Processing, Auto-nulls for greater caller to sender separation. Flexible inputs and outputs. With PDF installation/operation manual that includes schematics.  Works with POTS lines. Will test with VOIP. Maybe by calling you?
  • Have several other Gentner conference call Digital hybrids. Details to come.  Ask for details if you’re interested now!

Computer gear:

  • Mac G5 with AJA IO card/breakout box.  Working. Still useful for SD digitizing station. Will come with clean drives and appropriate OS.
  • 2 1999 iMacs,  working when stored. Used as point of sale terminals in local camera store. We helped maintain the system. Will come with clean drive and appropriate OS
  • 2 later iMacs, with Firewire 400, suitable for basic video capture and editing workstations to DV format. One was my first FCP edit workstation in the days of Final Cut Pro 1.25 working when stored.  Will come with clean drive and appropriate OS.
  • eMac G4. 1GHz processor w/1GB RAM. Working when 300GB HD died. Will come with clean (Original?) drive and appropriate OS.
  • 3 RP819 19” diag., 8RU LCD rack mount displaysSamsung industrial LCD panel. VGA input, with power supply. Tested with Dell PC and Ubuntu, MacBook Pro and Displayport to VGA adapter. Appears Supports up to 1280 x 740 resolutions.  16:9 and 4:3 aspect. Appears to have been sold under several brands, including “CyberView” and “Austin Hughes.”

VTRs and TBCs:


Quite a few Betacam SP BVW 60, 70, 75 series Sony and Ampex badged decks in various conditions.  Pix and test reports available for most of them.  Let me know what type of machine and sort of condition you’re looking for.  Can be Zinfurbished. Ask for details

BVU-820 SP 3/4” Umatic w/Dynamic Tracking.  Clean, with sides and top. Used by audio editor to transfer 3/4” picture reels into computer for use with ProTools. Working when last used. Can provide test results w/pix.

BVU-950 SP 3/4” Umatic with internal TBC. Working nicely. Has top, no sides or feet. Was a racked unit.  Pictures on request.

Sony DNW-A65 BetacamSX player. Plays SX digital and Betacam/BetacamSP analog tapes. Dynamic tracking. NTSC AND PAL playback. Working nicely. (Using to test camcorders mentioned below)

Panasonic AJ-D455P DVCPro editor with analog composite, component, Y/C S-video, SD-SDI ins and outs.  Very clean NTSC machine. Tested. Can provide hours info.   Records/Plays DVCPRO to DVCPRO Metal Particle tape and DV format to DV Metal Evaporated tape. WITH Panasonic AJ-CS455P Mini-DV to DVC Pro cassette adaptor.


Ampex VPR-80 1” Type C Recorder/Players:  Have several ranging from “working with issues” to what appears to be a prototype chassis with motors and other mechanical parts.

Ampex TBC-80 Timebase Correctors: Several available.  Working when stored. Will test on request.

Also available, the special Ampex VPR 80/VPR 6 to TBB umbilical cable that lets the VTR and TBC share info regarding speed, etc. for proper slow-motion playback. One is new in unopened factory package.

Ampex Dual Console for VPR-80/VPR-6 VTRs, TBC-40-8-6-7 TBCs series. With wiring for monitoring/QC system. Scopes and Pix monitor available.

Ampex Dual Console for VPR-80/VPR-6 VTRs

Ampex Two-VTR Console for VPR-80/VPR-6:  

Complete, with  top hatch for access to Printed Wire Boards while VTR is secure on sliding shelf and turntable assembly. Includes brackets that secure the VTR to the turntable. VTR slides out and can rotate for access to back and sides from the front of the console. Space under VTR shelf for TBC-40/80/6/7 Ampex TBCs or similar height TBCs.  Storage space under that for take-up reels, cleaning supplies, etc. Center QC/monitoring section has wiring to VTRs and scopes to select VTR 1 or VTR 2 to monitor Video In, Video Out on the picture monitor, and Video, RF Envelope, Control Track and AST Error on the waveform monitor.  Switch to select VTR 1 or 2 Audio into built in speaker. Center section has space for 9” monitor (Barco monitors were original equipment, as was Tek 528/1420 era waveform and vector monitors. Tek 1700 series units can be used, and we have (somewhere) the wiring plan needed to adapt the QC switching to work with Tek 1700 series scopes. Units can be separated into one VTR with QC, and one VTR in console. Sold as dual-VTR setup only (unless you really want to pay a premium 🙂

Sony CV-2100 1/2″ Pre-EIAJ B/W Reel to Reel recorder, Serial 9462  Mfd. 1967. Former WA Palmer Films machine, complete with labels. A piece of history once owned by a pioneer in film technology, magnetic recording and videotape transfer, headquartered in San Francisco.

Ampex AVR-2-Serial 197-As Obtained, prior to Zinfurbishing start

Ampex AVR-2

Ampex AVR-2 2″ Quad VTR Serial 197: Partially Zinfurbished, including power supplies and a variety of other issues that were discovered.  Details on request.

Please contact me at  with your interest and offers. Happy to discuss.

Payment by PayPal or wire transfer. Shipping to be arranged.


Ted Langdell Moving Image Tools and Technology

(530) 301-2931 iPhone

Boland Broadcast and Color Grading LCD and OLED Monitors up to 84″!

Boland Logo-Large-1200x293x72

HD, 2K and “4K” UHD LCD and OLED monitors for Broadcast, Color Grading, Client and camera-top High-Brightness applications.


Call us for details and pricing.

The NEW Boland 4K-UHD line is available in sizes 28”, 32”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 84”, and 98”, these models offer Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160, and list features like ultra wide viewing angles, multiple digital inputs, upscale conversion of 1080 signal, Gamma Curve and RGB adjust, safe area markers, and multiple/color temperatures.

If you need to view your 4K content on a color accurate 4K monitor, we would be happy to arrange a demo of 4K Boland model.

Boland UHD "4K" 84-inch monitor

Boland UHD “4K” 84-inch monitor

One of our Choice 2K Plus™ film scanner users recently bought a Boland 2K32 32″ 2K monitor to use in his scanning and post-production suite:

“So far, I am happy and may have to buy another!”


Boland PVB-24

With a wide range of sizes (up to 98″) many flexible features and suitability for multiple applications, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for in the Boland lineup.

Click here for the Boland catalog:

Boland 2015 Monitor Catalog

The catalog includes a Quick Comparison Guide/

If you DON’T find what you want, Boland can probably create what you need!

Here’s an example: Boland’s exclusive CRT Replacement for VTRs, the Boland SE-15 VTR

Boland-SE-15VTR-Front-LineArt-W-Real B&T-600x463

Boland SE-15 VTR monitor

The information sheet is here:



Broadcast professionals are using Boland monitors to bring you many of the events you see, Live and in HD:

NEP Monitor Wall

Boland Monitors fill the wall in NEP’s newest production unit, EN2, regularly producing “Sunday Night Baseball.”


To get more details or to order,or to order any of the Boland Monitors or discuss a custom build made here in the USA, just click on our Contact Page and let us know how to reach you.
flashscan8-dot-us logo-Moving Image Tools and Technology-600x200.pngCEO: Ted Langdell
(530) 301-2931               209 East 12th Street, Marysville, CA 95901

MWA Nova DUSTER small-gauge film cleaner and inspection deck

MWA Nova meets the need for a simple to use, safe, gentle and relatively low cost film cleaner  and inspection deck for small gauge films.

MWA Niova Duster 8mm/9.5mm film cleaning and inspection system

  • The new Duster features variable cleaning speed using soft, continuously moving Pellon tape on either side of the film.
  • The moving tapes keep a clean, soft surface presented to the film.
  • The dry cleaning method means no chemicals are needed, although wet cleaning can be carefully done.
  • A perfect companion for the flashscanHD or Choice 2K+™
  • Includes splicer platform and foot pedals for inspection direction and speed.


Film Path of MWA Nova Duster

Threading diagram of MWA Nova Duster 8mm/9.5mm film cleaning and inspection system


Duster-Tapes and Path

Pellon tapes on MWA Nova Duster 8mm/9.5mm dry film cleaning syste,


  • Capacity:  360 m (1,200 ft)
  • Adjustable forward cleaning speed using front panel knob.  Film cleaning speed to be determined.
  • Cleaning tape feed speed of 27 cm/min  (10.63 inches/minute)
  • Integrated Deck Light for easy inspection and monitoring of condition, cleaning
  • Super8 Hub adapters included
  • Low power consumption: 50 W at 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz)
  • Dimensions: W 22.05” x D 22.05” x H 23.62”      (56cm x D 56cm x H 60cm) (without reels)


Click on this link to download a PDF of the Duster information.

To get more details or to order, click on our Contact Page and let us know how to reach you.

flashscan8-dot-us logo-Moving Image Tools and Technology-600x200.pngCEO: Ted Langdell
(530) 301-2931               209 East 12th Street, Marysville, CA 95901

PTR-based benchtop film cleaner

Here’s a chemical-free, benchtop film cleaner from FXSYS


Particle Transfer Roller based film cleaning deviceA chemical-free film cleaning device based on four FXSYS Particle Transfer Rollers: Two 3″ x 35mm and two 1.5″ x 35mm PTRs.

The disc holding the PTRs can be mounted on an L-shaped support bracket that is either attached to a large block of metal, as weight for use as a moveable cleaner on a bench, or fixed in place by bolting or screwing the bracket onto the bench.


FXSYS Four-PTR base with precision 1.5" x 35mm snap-cap hubs.



The cleaning device uses FXSYS precision PTR Hubs to hold the PTR onto the disc.


 Click on this link to learn more about FXSYS PTRs and cleaning film with them.



To get more details or to order, click on our Contact Page and let us know how to reach you.

flashscan8-dot-us logo-Moving Image Tools and Technology-600x200.pngCEO: Ted Langdell
(530) 301-2931               209 East 12th Street, Marysville, CA 95901

Make Digital Cinema Packages (DCP files) the EASY way: Final DCP!




 Final DCP


Easy to use: Professional DCPs via drag and drop

FinalDCP offers the direct conversion of AVI and QuickTime movies as well as various camera formats and automatically converts every content into the DCI format, ready for use on the silver screen.

Creating professional DCPs has never been so easy, fast and streamlined.


Developed by people from the movie industry

Originally developed as an in-house tool for post production companies, FinalDCP was first released onto the market in 2012 and has allowed film makers to submit their work to festivals and for theatrical release for a fraction of the price (and time needed) of other DCP programs – making cinema distribution very much affordable.

It is also a very inexpensive program for professional movie productions, advertising companies and even theaters to assure the quality of the color processing.

Fast and exact: FinalDCP supports most formats


Whatever your source material, you still get an exact result in color and sound, all this combined with speeds several times faster than run-of-the-mill DCP programs.

And another big advantage: a floating license lets you use FinalDCP on several machines on your network. Ideal for networked places or freelancers working in different environments.


Creating DCPs from many sources

FinalDCP is a 2D and stereoscopic 3D video-encoding software that supports many source formats directly, such as RED R3D RAW, GoPro-CineForm, GoPro-CineForm 3D, GoPro-CineForm DPC (aka DPX-C), AVID DNxHD, Apple ProRes, Grass Valley HQX, QuickTime, AVI, TIFF, JPEG2000, DCI MXF JPEG2000, WAV, and more.

Supported output formats are InterOp DCP as well SMPTE DCP.

 Perfect frame conversion at all times


Whatever the frame rate of the source material may be, FinalDCP converts to the cinema format of 24p and all SMPTE defined frame rates. European 25p and US 23.976p are changed to the final silver screen format without frame blending, ready for use.



Professional grade scopes make sure colors are correct

A rWaveformeal one-off feature with FinalDCP are waveform and histograms which are constantly available during the whole process. This makes guessing game decisions about color correctness a thing of the past. No more rough estimates but colors that are precise and created on a solid data basis.



Batch processing for really fast DCP creation


FinalDCP software runs not just on one computer at a time, but can be used for network processing as a standard. Every license comes with five nodes, allowing five machines to work at the same time – with the original computer working as a dongle on the local network.

With batch processing several DCPs can thus be created in a very short while, very useful e.g. if numerous films have to be prepared for a movie festival. Licenses with more nodes for bigger networks are available.


Correct color standards all the time

ColorsThe FinalDCP color pipeline, working at 16 bit all the time, allows the selection of several source color spaces and corresponding gamma standards. Adobe RGB, sRGB, rec 709, P3 and X’Y’Z’ are available – permitting full color space conversions at any time.

Legal full range conversions and corrections are an integral part of FinalDCP.



 Integrated reel editor to retain full control

Quick adjustments of all the reels in a playlist are as easy as single reel adjustments. Color space, cropping and compression can be independently corrected and set as needed.


 Click on image to make larger

The Digital Cinema Naming Convention are standard

NamingConventionThe ISDCF Digital Cinema Naming Convention (DCI) is build right into FinalDCP and the ContentTitleText is automatically created from the Composition Playlist (CPL) settings. All parameters are simply clicked and checked, with even the ratings separated for each country. ISDCF standards are indeed FinalDCP standards.

Encrypt and sign your DCPs

Creating encrypted DCPs and managing KDMs is just as easy as you would expect from FinalDCP. Sign all your DCPs with a digital certificate.

The optional KDM module includes the standalone TiME_KDM application.



Minimum Requirements OS X

Mac Pro Intel 2-cores, 4 GB RAM or better

Max OS X 10.7 Lion



Minimum Requirements Windows

Intel Dual core, 4 GB RAM or better

Windows 7

Free trial version available

Several options to increase the power of FinalDCP make it the fastest program to produce results fit for cinema usage – with no other tool required. And you can try the power of this tool with a free version, just a few limitations apply.

Rendering faster than real time is effortlessly done, even on a laptop. And the same laptop can also act as a dongle when working on a workstation, so no time is lost with copying files.


Try FinalDCP and play out perfect results via


FinalDCPPlayer-Logo-Laptop FinalDCP player–

Both  are usable on Windows and Mac OSX.


FinalDCP player allows you to review DCPs without the need for expensive server technology.

Reviewing DCPs without the need of expensive serversPlayer-HD-SDI

If you just want to check that you are distributing the right DCP or need a quality check for audio sync and color accuracy, the FinalDCP Player is quite the perfect solution. Because of the floating license model, FinalDCP Player is a must have, since the program can be used on any computer in a network, whilst using the laptop as a dongle.

FinalDCP Player can be easily tested, the latest version simply be downloaded. Following the instructions, it is a straightforward install of the trial license – with all features available for 14 days.

Being confident about DCP qualityFinalDCP Player-HD-SDI-Screen

With the program’s ability to use a BlackMagic video card, movie makers are able to review their DCPs in the same calibrated HD-SDI environment as their color correction sessions and this up to 4K!

This allows to be absolutely confident about the quality of any DCP. And even without the use of a BlackMagic card, you can use the second video-out from the computers own graphics card to go for full screen reviews.

Additional professional quality management is available via waveform, providing video level control all the time.



  FinalDCP Player with many features


FinalDCP offers plenty of one-off features, such as

  • Stereo 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 support and audio mix down
  • Color processing and adjustable color space / resolution
  • 2k, 4k, and 3D support
  • Multiple CPL and multiple reel support
  • Adjusting JPEG2000 decoding resolution
  • SMPTE and InterOp support
  • BlackMagic SDI playback support
  • Creating 10 bit DPX screen shots
  • Creating a playlist from several DCPs
  • Multi monitor support (one for video, one for controls)
  • and a floating license for maximum flexibility.


Export of DCPs to 10 bit DPX

Player_ExportA special feature of the player is to convert cinema-ready DCPs back to a form that can be worked upon again.

A task easily done by the FinalDCP Player, exporting the DCP to 10 bit DPX single file sequences including all video and audio information and settings.

On-screen controls with time code for review sessions


Viewing the DCPs for reviews, provisional or final acceptance the FinalDCP Player provides a burned in time code so anybody wanting to make changes can refer to the exact point in the movie. On-screen controls make it easy to handle such reviews even in full screen format.


0144-lockPlayback encrypted DCPs

With the optional KDM module, you can playback and export encrypted DCPs. Allowing a secure data exchange.


For more information, to obtain a trial license for Final DCP, Final DCP Player, or to order, click on our Contact Page and let us know how to reach you and what equipment you’re specifically interested in.

Contact us for Service, Parts and Consultation on Videotape Recorder Modifications and Videotape Migration Systems.
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3/4″ Videotape Splicing Blocks

Here’s an example of a Sony VSK-2 3/4″ Splicing Block (top) and an Editall S-3.75 3/4″ Splicing Block (bottom):

3/4" Videotape Splicing Blocks

Sony VSK-2 (top) and Editall S-3.75 3/4″ Videotape Splicing Block

3/4″ Videotape Splicing Blocks are not particularly common, and don’t seem to be made in the current era.

These were purchased at separate times on ebay in the early to mid 2000s.

We hope this has been helpful and informative.

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ZinParts: Replacement belts and other parts for broadcast, professional and vintage VTRs and VCRs

Zin! VTR Works has parts available for a number of common VCRs, such as these high-quality replacements for Sony 3/4″ Umatic recorders:


ZIN-ZinPart-Z-3-672-737-01-Sony BVU-VO Loading Ring Belt-Replaces Replaces Sony Part 3-672-737-01 on Sony BVU-950,  VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240 and others

ZIN-ZinPart-Z-3-672-737-01-Sony BVU-VO Loading Ring Belt-Replaces Sony Part 3-


Replaces Sony Part 3-672-737-01

For Sony BVU-950, 900, 920, VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240 and others

$10.00 plus any applicable tax and shipping


ZIN-ZinPart-Z-3-653-387-00-Sony BVU-VO-Cassette Elevator Belt-IMG_9777

Replaces Sony Part 3-672-737-01 Sony BVU-950, VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240 and others


Replaces Sony Part 3-653-387-00

For Sony BVU-950, 900, 920,  VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240 and others

$10.00 plus any applicable tax and shipping


ZIN-ZinPart-VO-FF-REW-TIRE replaces Sony-VO-Series Fast forward / Rewind tre



For Sony VO-series and VP-series 3/4″ Umatic recorders and players.

$10.00 plus any applicable tax and shipping


ZIN-ZinPart-Z-3-668-785-00, ONE FF/REW BELT Replaces Sony Part 3-668-785-00

ZIN-ZinPart-Z-3-668-785-00, ONE FF/REW BELT Replaces Sony Part 3-668-785-00 for Sony VO Series inc. VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240, others


Replaces Sony Part 3-668-785-00

For Sony VO Series including  VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240, others

This ROUND belt avoids the twisting problem square belts have over time, becoming twisted, and stressed as a result, which leads to failure.

These round belts from Zin! VTR Works have been installed in heavy-use environments for more than a year with no replacements required.

$10.00 plus any applicable tax and shipping

ZIN-ZinPart-Z 3-718-758-01

ZIN-ZinPart-Z 3-718-758-01-ONE AIR DAMPER  FOR Sony BVU-950, ALSO FITS  VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240 and others

ZIN-ZinPart-Z 3-718-758-01-ONE AIR DAMPER FOR Sony BVU-950, ALSO FITS VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240 and others

ONE AIR DAMPER  FOR Sony BVU-950, ALSO FITS  VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240 and others

ZIN-ZinPart-Z 3-718-758-01-Air Damper-010

The Air Damper improves flutter performance.  Replace missing Air Dampers on your BVU-900, 920 or 950, or add it to units that never had the air damper’s benefits like the Sony VO-98xx, 96xx, 50XX, VP-7640, 7240 and other Sony 3/4″ Umatic VCRs.

Slides on.

$18.00  plus any applicable tax and shipping.

We’ll be adding pictures and more items to this page and shortly, and will have items available for sale through the new Online Moving Image Tools and Technology Store! So, bookmark this page or contact us using the link below and ask to be notified when the MIT&T Store goes on-line.

Zin! VTR Works has recently supplied a brand-new replacement motor for original equipment on an Ampex AVR-3 Quad VTR.

We can supply other parts including Pinch Rollers for various machines.

We’re taking orders now for a new batch of replacement Ampex Quad pinch rollers, made to Ampex specifications including durometer (hardness/softness) of the rubber.

We’re also working on being able to supply replacements for Sony 3/4″ pinch rollers, which are becoming or have become unobtanium from Sony and other distributors.

We need to build up a large order to make this possible, and to do so at a price that works for folks.

Use the Contact Page link below and tell us what machines you need Pinch Rollers for in the “What other product needs do you have?” box.
 How are your Pinch Rollers doing?

Quick Roller Condition test:

If you take your thumbnail and push into the rubber of the roller, it should go in, but when you pull your thumbnail away the indentation should disappear.

If it doesn’t disappear, the rubber is too soft. If you can’t make an indentation, it’s too hard.

How will ZinRollers be different from what else you may find?  Ken advises:

These would be of the proper durometer so that the tape can make a slight depression in the rubber.

That allows the roller to contact the capstan shaft above and below the tape so that the tape is moved by the pinch roller contacting the back side of the tape… rather than the capstan shaft driving the recorded surface of the tape as happens when the roller is too hard.

Correct durometer as noted above helps avoid tape slippage and video errors, increased capstan roller pressure, additional wear on bearings, etc.

These replacement rollers would be ground to final specifications with new bearings installed, so that the results are concentric and the correct diameter so you won’t have issues with flutter or speed.

These rubber rollers stay cleaner longer than replacements made from materials such as polyurethane that may be available.  Ken tried polyurethane rollers in customers machines (in one case, a large duplication facility) and heard complaints that operators were having to stop work to clean the poly rollers about every fourth tape. Not good, especially on cassette-based units.

Ken supplied and installed rubber pinch rollers, which resolved the problem and gave significantly longer times between the need to clean the rollers.

As you may know, Polyurethane is used to make Particle Transfer Rollers (PTRs) used on film transfer equipment to do exactly that… transfer particulate matter like dust off the film and onto the roller. We sell those for use with film scanners.

New video heads or assemblies may be available from some manufacturers. is also an authorized representative for Videomagnetics, which is the world’s last rebuilder of 2″ Quad VTR head assemblies, and supplies refurbished upper drums and scanners for a range of broadcast 1″, 3/4″, Betacam/BetacamSP/Digital Betacam and Panasonic DVCPro recorders.

For more information or to order, click on our Contact Page and let us know how to reach you and what parts you’re specifically interested in.

Contact us for Service, Parts and Consultation on Videotape Recorder Modifications and Videotape Migration Systems.

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FXSYS Particle Transfer Rollers for scanners, processors and bench-based cleaning

fxsys poster is happy to have been named the master distributor for the well-regarded FXSYS Particle Transfer Rollers, (until 2010 made by San Lab Systems)

These specially finished, premium PTRs have been the chosen PTR in post production facilities and with major film scanner manufacturers world-wide.

They are available in two diameters and two widths:  1.5″ and 3″ diameter and 35mm and 70mm widths

“FXSYS PTRs  are made in controlled environment with a Durometer range of 28-34, which is ideal for use with motion picture film,” FXSYS co-founder and former marketing director Ganesh Sankar advised us when became the US distributor in 2010. “Testing confirms that,” he told us.

Controlled  temperature and humidity during manufacture eliminates bubbles, and avoids too hard a surface.

“If too hard, it won’t pick up as much. Too soft, it tends to shred at the ends,” Sankar said. 

Several customers using another brand reported shredding to the FXSYS distributor in the US during conversations in Autumn, 2010.

fxsys Green 1.5" x 35mm PTR

fxsys Green Micromat™ Particle Transfer Roller showing diamond-etched microgrooved surface which has what are like tiny tire treads that pick up and hold particulate matter.

“The FXSYS diamond-etched MicroMat™ Microgrooved PTR’s pick up a noticeably greater amount of particulate matter than plain PTRs from a well known competitor,” Sankar reported.

“The grooves act like tire treads do in mud and snow.”

Testing by SanLab in 2004 verified the observation. A staff chemist ran side by side comparisons, Sankar says.

“The chemist applied a uniform amount of dust to a wide, slightly sticky tape, then did an equal number of rolls over separate parts of the the tape using the Microgrooved MicroMat™ PTR’s and the competing PTR,” Sankar said. 

“By magnifying the surface hundreds of times, the chemist was able to count number of particles in an area of each PTR. The Microgrooved PTRs had noticeably more to count, up to 60% more particles.

Tacky Red™ PTRs have special applications:

fxsys Tacky Red™ PTRs

fxsys Tacky Red™ Particle Transfer Rollers which pick up more particle matter than the slightly harder MicroMat™ PTR

They were designed to meet customers’ requests.

The FXSYS Tacky Red™ PTR has a softer durometer reading between 20-24. The softer, ungrooved tacky surface picks up even more material than the MicroMat™ Microgrooved PTR’s and is usable until its covered with undesirable material.

Not for high-speed use.

January, 2015: FXSYS Announces new MicroMat™ Microgrooved Tacky Red™ PTR available for testing. Contact us for details and to obtain a four-PTR set of 1.5″ x 35mm at reduced cost.  3″ x 35mm are also available.

All FXSYS PTRs are anti-static: Surface resistance has been reduced to where the Micromat™PTR conducts static electricity away from the film to control static buildup during use.

Lifespan of the PTR’s depends on film volume: FXSYS estimates the MicroMat™ PTRs will remove dust, dirt and lint from film for a period of three to four months of constant use, if cleaned properly and regularly.

The Tacky Red™ PTRs can be washed perhaps five times and then need to be replaced.  

FXSYS PTR’s are easy to clean (See instructions below)

Multiple ways to use FXSYS PTRs:

  • Film labs use them in cleaning machines and processors.
  • Archival film restorers use a pair between rewinds to clean film without using a machine.
  • Film transfer houses and in-house facilities use them on their telecines, scanners
  • Theaters and screening rooms use them on projectors during projection
  • Film Inspection Tables can use them during inspection

Users over the years include Technicolor, Deluxe, Ascent Media Group‘s post facilities in New York and Los Angeles, Warner Bros., NBC/UniversalHigh Technology Video/Illuminate and New Wave Entertainment all in Los Angeles, Showperfect, Inc., Moorpark, California, NFL Films, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, DuArt Film and Video, New York City, The Filmworkers Clubs in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, AnalogRetentive, Richmond, Virginia, Alaska Film Archives, Fairbanks, Continental Film and Video, Orlando, Florida, Crawford Communications, Atlanta, Georgia, Chapman University, Orange, California, ImagineIt LLC, Chandler, Arizona, Tailor Made Transfers, Feasterville, Pennsylvania, Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Connecticut, Visible Sprockets, UK and its film scanning and lab customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia

Equipment makers MWA Nova, Digital Film Technology (DFT Scanity, Spirit) Digital Vision (GoldenEye including 70mm,) Kinetta and others include FXSYS PTR’s on systems because of the quality.

fxsys PTR colors

FXSYS PTRs can be made in many colors

FXSYS PTR’s are available in many colors, including blue, green, purple (black) yellow and orange, subject to stock on hand or by special order.

• All colors (except Tacky Red™) are identical in function, differing only by their color.

• Many customers use different colors to identify different PTR Sets, use different colors for different film formats or simply have a color preference.

Buffers for Film Cleaning Machines

FXSYS Soft Nap Buffers for film cleaning machines

FXSYS also supplies Lint-Free film cleaning machine buffers. 

These Rotary Application Buffers are used to polish the film after immersion cleaning in machines like RTI’s Lipsner-Smith ultrasonic and San Lab Systems / FXSYS Prista film cleaners.

Dimensions 1.5″ diameter x 2.0 ” wide x 1.5 ” thick (3.81 cm x 5.08cm x 1.27cm)

 • Lint Free • Extra soft nap • Durable

FXSYS Ultra Precision rollers and related bearings for telecine tightwind accessories are also available.

PTR Cleaning Instructions:

Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent for cleaning PTRs

• Put two to four drops of ordinary Palmolive® brand  hand dish-cleaning detergent in a liter of room temperature or cold water.

• Dip or soak the PTRs in the water for a short time.

• Then thoroughly clean the surface by rubbing with your hands and the detergent water. 

• Allow to air-dry in a particle-free environment and use.

FXSYS recommends Palmolive® detergent (Original) like Madge used in the 1960s-70s Palmolive TV commercials.

• Use slightly more detergent if the water is “hard”.

• Do not use dishwasher detergent!

• Do not use hot water as it can cause PTR’s to become very sticky and cause excessive adhesion and potential damage to the film.

• Do not use packaging (packing) or other tapes to clean a PTR! Packaging tape will transfer some of its adhesives to the PTR and cause excessive adhesion of the film to the PTR, to the film and attract dust or dirt where you don’t want it.

• Simply wash the PTR’s and allow them to dry thoroughly before re-installation.

• If cleaned properly, PTR’s should roll off of one another when stuck together. PTR’s that stick together without falling off must be re-washed in cold water and (Palmolive®) detergent.

To get more details or to order, click on our Contact Page and let us know how to reach you.

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