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Multi Format Magnetic Film Recorder/Player

The MWA MB51 has earned itself a reputation worldwide due to an extremely high build quality, performance, reliability and longevity.

These facts make it an ideal choice for facilities where the processing, replay, preservation and transfer of Archive or damaged Magnetic or Optical material is undertaken, or where quality control of Analog or Digital Optical soundtracks is necessary.

The MB51 is supplied in the following formats:
• Single format 16mm Magnetic Film
• Combined 16mm & 17.5mm Magnetic Film
• Combined 16mm, 17.5mm & 35mm Magnetic Film
• Single format 35mm Magnetic Film
Operational speeds are:
• 24 & 25Frames
• 48&96Frames
• 750 Frames synchronous speed for 16mm
• 300 Frames synchronous speed for 17.5 & 35mm MB51

• Short acceleration times
• Simple film lacing
• Gentle film treatment insensitive to splices
• Low wow and flutter levels
• Sync to Pilotone or Bi-phase
• Easy coupling to Audio, Video or Film machines
• Extremely low maintenance

Options include:
• All magnetic head configurations including:
  16mm edge, center, 2-track w/cue, mag-striped original
and print film
   35mm 1, 3, 4, 6 track mag film,1-track and 4-track mag-striped release prints

• Red LED or white Analog optical readers for reproduction of 35mm Stereo or Mono Optical and/or 16mm Mono Optical

• Dolby Dolby SR*D, DTS and SDDS digital audio readers optional

• Special 16 & 35mm head configurations for the replay of “Vinegar Syndrome” material

Click here to download the MB51 Product Sheet PDF
Click here to download the 16mm Magnetic Track configuration
Click here to download the 35mm Magnetic Track configuration


Laser Shrinkage Detector

Allows sprocketless playback and sync-to-picture of mag film with up to 4% shrinkage!

Sync/Correct speed is maintained even if the shrinkage changes during the length of the reel.

Click here for information on the LSD







Optical headOptical replay head assembly

Mag Vinegar Syndrome HeadMagnetic replay head assembly
for vinegar Syndrome material


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