8mm/Super8: flashscanHD

Transfer more film in a day with flashscanHDs faster than real-time speeds, in High Definition!

The starting point for more productive home movie transfer businesses.

flashscanHD provides quality, speed and convenience that can’t be matched by projectors and projector-based systems or “low cost” equipment that has a very long scanning time, more processing after capture, and a productivity problem when transfer companies and customers want reasonable turnaround time.

Don’t wait around:

  • 400 foot reel is done in 10 minutes instead of 30 at real time.flashscanHD-GreenLamphouse-317 x 400
  • Controllable Automatic White Level and White Balance correction make volume transfers of film even more practical.

That’s the reality of this proven tool for film transfer businesses, archives and post-production houses. Even cable access channels!

  • Safe, SPROCKETLESS, CLAW-FREE continuous motion capstan drive uses laser technology to detect perforation holes, counter picture jumps at splices, and to steady the image during speedy transfer at more than 3X real-time for silent 8mm and Super8 films.
  • Magnetic Sound Head covers main and balance stripes  for stereo or two-channel mono pickup, at real time or faster. Retracts for silent film.
  • 3-chip HD camera ensures better color than lower-cost systems.
  • AgiScan software controls the machinery and color correction.
  • Integrated hardware/software package does the “heavy lifting” for picture and sound processing during transfer, at up to 50 film frames per second. (720p/25 HD output at 50fps, 1080i/25 at 25 fps.)
  • Optional AgiScan “Record” module changes pitch, handles frame rate conversions automatically, speeding workflow.
  • Tweakable automatic correction ranges provide better auto results.
  • Or manually adjust the level and color balance of the RGB LED Array for initial white balance, then adjust black and gamma levels and color balances.
    • Bring up shadow detail but maintain blacks. De-pink faded film.*
  • Built-in Waveform monitor, Vectorscope and Histogram enable accuracy without use of outboard scopes or added expense.
  • Use the optional AVID ARTIST® COLOR panel for color correction flexibility and speed.  Adjust sound, framing, color while running.
  • Optical image sizing allows full-frame 4:3 aspect centered in the 16:9 HD image or enlarging the 4:3 image to fill the 16:9 HD frame.
    • Repeatable, motorized zoom and focus makes it easy.
  • Transfer via Blackmagic Design HD-SDI capture cards or Thunderbolt Ultrastudio boxes. Thunderbolt laptops can be used as lower-cost capture stations with files going to Thunderbolt drives.**
  • The AgiScan 2.7 software package runs on Mac OS X, Windows XP for wide compatibility.
  • High Energy, adjustable RGB LED Array for extra punch, long life.
  • Optional Particle Transfer Rollers to clean film during transfer.

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