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Celebration Pricing continues on MWA Nova film scanners, with some exciting introductions:

  • Vario expands to FIVE gauges of film:  The Vario Generation 4 transport is now available with not just 16/35, but an option for 8mm/Super8 w/sound and 9.5mm silent gauges.
  • 4K Plus™ Real Time for Vario and Choice scanners
  • AgiScan3.0 comes to the flashscanHD™ and provides a greatly improved picture.  Watch for links to video clips coming shortly.

If you’re about ready to purchase film scanning gear costing  $55,000—$350,000 US, please contact us to find out about how the MWA Nova lineup can be part of a very productive workflow for your archive or business… at CELEBRATION prices.

If you think that’s too expensive, we’ll show you how affordable and productive MWA Nova equipment can be over time.

Zin! VTR Works has ZinFurbished™ Sony VO-9850 and Sony BVU-950 Archival 3/4″ systems ready to go right now.

These machines have been restored to as close to factory new as is possible, and will provide years of transfers for your archive or transfer business.

Other Archival Quality VCRs available for sale, lease or rent include:

  • Sony Hi-8 EVO-9850 with internal Time Base Correction and Noise Reduction
  • Sony SVHS/VHS SVO-5800 with internal Time Base Correction and Noise Reduction
  •  Panasonic AG-W3 “World VHS VCR” that plays VHS tapes in NTSC, NTSC 4.33, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM and MESECAM (Middle East SECAM).
  • Sony VP-7040 Player for PAL, SECAM and NTSC 4.43
  • Ampex AVR-2 Quad VTRs for NTSC with necessary air compressor, dehydrator and filters.

As you digitize, we can help you catalog your files and original assets with CatDV and other tools, and ensure they’re well stored for either immediate, ongoing use, or long-term storage using off-line methods.

Special pricing on the XenData SXL-10 Archiving Appliance til September 30, 2014.  Click HERE to learn more.


We’re getting ready for the AMIA Conference in Savannah, Georgia, October 8-11.

Watch this space for details about what you’ll see.

Ask about our On-Site Trial Program, booking now!



Had good contact with customers in Washington, D. C. at the Society of American Archivists Conference Aug. 10-16.

We played tape from a Zin! VTR Works VTR, with capability to ingest into a MacBook Pro using the Matrox MXO2, cataloging and managing the files with CatDV, and archive to LTO-6/LTFS tape using the new low-priced, highly effective XenData SXL-1 and SXL-2 Archiving Appliance.

For film, we showed  how MWA Nova is pioneering technology, and finding users in archives, institutions and commercial service providers world-wide.

An example is the exciting news we shared at NAB 2014 in Booth SL-13610.  We introduced a new Choice™ for film scanning.

What’s the Difference between these two MWA  Choice™ real-time film scanners?

Choice Transport-Knockout-400x308at150Choice Transport-Knockout-400x308at150

About 8.5 Million pixels!

The first one scans at 2K Plus™:  2,336 x 1,752

The one second one scans at 4K Plus™: 4096 x 3072

MWA Choice™:  Scanning 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm and 16mm film with sound

Mention you saw us  via the flashscan8.us website  and see what you get?  :)

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Ask about our “Autumn  On-site Trial Tour” for qualified archives, institutions and service providers beginning later this year.  Bookings being arranged now


For details or to order, contact us:


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