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We’re off to Washington, D. C. for the Society of American Archivists Conference Aug. 10-16.
We’ll be showcasing a Videotape workflow including Playback, Capture, Cataloging, File Management, and Archiving to LTO6-LTFS tape, and getting you acquainted with the well-regarded motion picture film scanners from MWA Nova.
See us in Booth 512 Thursday evening for cocktails and CatDV and all kinds of other fun on Friday, Aug. 14-15.
We’ll show you how to access your files via CatDV wirelessly on your iPhone, iPad or laptop.  Bring your device to the booth.

We’ll be playing tape from a Zin! VTR Works VTR, ingesting into a MacBook Pro using the Matrox MXO2, cataloging and managing the files with CatDV, and archiving to LTO-6/LTFS tape using the new low-priced, highly effective XenData SXL-1 and SXL-2 Archiving Appliance.

For film, we’ll show you how MWA Nova is pioneering technology, and finding users in archives, institutions and commercial service providers world-wide.

An example is the exciting news we shared at NAB 2014 in Booth SL-13610.  We introduced a new Choice™ for film scanning.

What’s the Difference between these two MWA  Choice™ real-time film scanners?

Choice Transport-Knockout-400x308at150Choice Transport-Knockout-400x308at150

About 8.5 Million pixels!

The first one scans at 2K Plus™:  2,336 x 1,752

The one second one scans at 4K Plus™: 4096 x 3072

MWA Choice™:  Scanning 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm and 16mm film with sound

Mention you saw us  via the flashscan8.us website  and see what you get?  :)

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Ask about our “Autumn Trial Tour” for qualified archives, institutions and service providers beginning in Late September.


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